Sarahi Zacatelco XXI

Sarahi Zacatelco XXI

Sarahi Zacatelco XXI

Artist Sarahi Zacatelco XXI is from Spanish Harlem and is finding her place as a Latinx woman. After the terror attacks on this country, Sarahi moved to New Haven in 2001, where she began my career as an artist. Sarahi works in a mixture of mediums, but primarily as a painter, a gallery artist, and a public activist artist. Her work focuses on depictions of women and aims to bring representation of my culture and identity to this country. 

"I believe feminine expression is powerful, and we need more representation of women by women in the arts."

As an immigrant with a GD degree, it was incredibly challenging to get my art appreciated. "I had to work extremely hard to be recognized." Through the body of my work, Sarahi aims to give others, especially young girls, the opportunity to express themselves and find hope in their own skills.

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