Performing Live: March 30th

Performing Live: March 30th

Performing Live: March 30th

ZAAQQARA is a captivating multi-instrumentalist and composer recognized for her unwavering zeal in meticulously crafting immersive auditory landscapes that captivate the senses. Her musical odyssey spans various roles, from vocalist and bassist to percussionist, performing with a diverse array of bands throughout her artistic career. Additionally, she has showcased her songwriting prowess by contributing to the work of numerous fellow artists.

Currently immersed in the exploration of ambient and cinematic movements, ZAAQQARA's artistic focus is deeply rooted in nature and holistic healing. Breaking free from stereotypes, she endeavors to transcend preconceived notions through her visual and auditory artistry. Her debut EP, "Impasto," provides a tantalizing glimpse into her sonic realm, skillfully intertwining well-crafted lyricism with acoustic and electronic elements to deliver a unique and transformative experience.

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