Artist Exhibition March 15th

Artist Exhibition March 15th

Artist Exhibition March 15th

“My work has always been about painting. I built from the surface of my first paintings because the forms needed to come into space. I create/build difficult and challenging surfaces to paint. I believe these surfaces in conjunction with the inherent textures wood, fabric, ceramics lead to a richer, complex experience.”

Critically acclaimed international and national exhibiting artist Alan Neider showcases his compelling artwork highlighting a series of women in prison. Women in jail are the fastest-growing correctional population in the country—increasing 14-fold between 1970 and 2014. In Alan's work, he not only brings out the personality and character of each woman but also uses the mesh of colors to evoke intense emotions with an underlying theme of resiliency and courage.

Alan has a roster of national and international galleries he has exhibited in, with current works in NYC, Miami, and Austria. 

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