Global Beats - January 12th @ 8pm

Global Beats - January 12th @ 8pm

Global Beats - January 12th @ 8pm

Leore's artistic journey weaves through the vibrant threads of Las Vegas, evolving amidst the alleys of New Haven, CT. Originating from the north side of the hill, he embarked on his path as a young skateboarder, leaving an indelible mark through graffiti and graphic design. The collective "Z.o.m.b.i.e. Gang" became his crucible, honing event production, videography, and promotion skills. A decade hence, Leore is a seasoned creative, contributing dynamically to international modeling campaigns, exhibits, and many creative ventures. His art mirrors a deep introspection enveloped in an aura of exclusivity, echoing a belief in the transformative power of community. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights movement, and the Dogtown skateboarding culture, Leore's creations reflect everyday life, shaped by diverse experiences. Overcoming challenges, he views discomfort as a catalyst for personal growth and encourages others to do the same.

Leore's resonance with the arts extends beyond visuals, delving into the realm of music. A pivotal chapter unfolded during his impactful time in London, UK, where he immersed himself in its rich music scene. The experience left a permanent mark on his playing style, infusing his return to the States with a distinct musical influence. His art became a harmonious fusion of visual and auditory elements, evoking a symphony of emotions. Beyond being an accomplished visual artist, Leore is an open format DJ, capable of resonating and gathering a diverse audience under one roof. His dedication to connecting with his audience transcends traditional boundaries, fearlessly addressing challenging topics through his creations. As he takes his artistry on the road, collaborating globally with significant brands, Leore aspires to leverage his image and personality as a visual artist and a sonic storyteller, fostering positive change and meaningful connections worldwide.

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