Film Screening - March 21st

Film Screening - March 21st

Film Screening - March 21st

Sarah is a storyteller, family historian, memory catcher and light seeker. She films sessions using a documentary approach. Everyday life is beautiful, perfect as it is right now. Sarah was first inspired to get into filmmaking after seeing the work of Courtney Holmes and Kylie Purtell at Filming Life Academy in Australia. She decided to learn a new skill through their community and fell deeply in love with family filmmaking.

It is the movement and sound that is so inspiring to Sarah. The combination of the movement, audio and music creates so much emotion. Sarah still has a love for photography, but it’s crafting together a story involving movement, audio and music that pulls her into something so deep and meaningful. It’s easy for Sarah to get lost for hours into the edit of a film. Sarah focuses on everyday life with families and what they would normally do together as a family. 

Some examples include morning cuddles in bed, making breakfast together, playing games, reading stories or enjoying a backyard fire pit. For artists, she is interested in telling their story through the process of their art. She crafts her films together using licensed music that fits the mood and feeling of the session.

Sarah’s films reflect the beauty of families or individuals as they are in the moment. Real life. Letting go of perfection. Film work is so important and Sarah is hoping to reach as many people as she can to show them the beauty of it.

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