Emmy Winning Director's Film Screening May 2nd

Emmy Winning Director's Film Screening May 2nd

Emmy Winning Director's Film Screening May 2nd

"Invisible Wounds: Unveiling Migration Trauma"

In collaboration with researchers from UConn, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Oscar Guerra presents "Invisible Wounds: Unveiling Migration Trauma."

The film chronicles 15-year-old Ruth's migration from Honduras to the US upon discovering her pregnancy. Through interviews and home videos, the documentary intimately reveals the struggles of millions of undocumented migrants, emphasizing their contributions to the nation. Beyond the journey's challenges, it delves into reuniting with family, adapting to new lives, and confronting anti-immigrant sentiments. The film critically examines mental health barriers, offering a timely and empathetic portrayal of the often-overlooked struggles faced by this vulnerable sector of American society.

Dr. Oscar Guerra is an Emmy® award-winning director, researcher, and educator. He is an Associate Professor of Film and Video at the University of Connecticut and a producer at PBS FRONTLINE. Dr. Guerra’s focus is storytelling that promotes critical thinking and social investment. He aims to produce media that provides a way for underrepresented groups to share and disseminate counterstories, contradict dominant and potentially stereotypical narratives, and strengthen their voices and identities.

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